Saturday, January 3, 2004

Etsy BeadWeavers Create Front Page Presence (Presents?)

6-20-08 myfairladyvt4

6-18-08 12 EBW Members

6-16-08 Lolos

6-16-08 SandFibers

6-16-08 SandFibers

6-13-08 MonkeyBuns

6-12-08 myfairladyvt4

6-11-08 SandFibers

6-10-08 Lolos

6-9-08 12 EBW MEMBERS

6-7-08 Odds

6-6-08 ReneesPaperandYarn

6-6-08 Lolos

6-6-08 SandFibers

6-5-08 BeadJewelryShopgirl

6-3-08 SandFibers

6-3-08 SandFibers

6-2-08 myfairladyvt4

5-29-08 enso

5-26-08 SandFibers

5-19-08 thebeadedlily

5-13-08 SandFibers

5-13-08 SandFibers

5-6-08 tresijas

5-5-08 enso

5-2-08 enso

4-25-08 adri33

4-23-08 adri33

4-19-08 thebeadedlily
4-19-08 thebeadedlily front page
4-10-08 Tresijas

3-27-08 SandFibers
3-18-08 enso

3-17-08 Leslie19083

3-11-08 SandFibers

3-07-08 PinkPoochDesigns

3-03-08 enso

2-20-08 SandFibers
2-20-08 Front Page by cserdan
2-18-08 SandFibers
2-18-08 Front Page by budanART
1-24-08 SandFibers
1-24-08 Front Page by Entropia!!!
1-22-08 SandFibers
1-22-08 Front Page
1-19-08 SandFibers

1-10-08 thejadedog AND Tresijas!
1-10-08 Etsy Front Page with thejadedog and Tresijas
12-17-07 Triz
12-17-07 Triz on Front Page
12-4-07 Ivydee
12-4-07 Front Page with Ivydee
11-27-07 ClinkscalesArts
11-27-07 ClinkscalesArts on the front page!
11-26-07 thejadedog
11-26-07 thejadedog makes front page!
11-12-07 ClinkscalesArts
11-12-07 Front Page ClinkscalesArts
11-13-07 MistyRidgeBeads
11-13-07 Front Page MistyRidgeBeads
11-11-07 SandFibers
11-11-07 Front Page by theVintageZoo


  1. I love having all of these shots together, fun and inspiring!dc

  2. Very elegant pages, all made in style.

  3. Congratulations to all front pagers, but I think Carol Dean is the Front Page Queen! She needs a tiara! LOL

  4. I love that EBW is featured on the FP so often. It speaks well of the body of our work!

  5. Wow, I didn't know there were that many front pages with beadweavers. Good Job everyone...

  6. This is so cool. The team has been on the front page almost every month. And also several times a month.
    Congrats everyone.

  7. Thanks for putting all of these in one place! There seem to be so many, I don't know how you can keep up!

  8. Thanks for posting my first front page. I'm so excited. Thanks for everything Sandfibers!

  9. wow! incredible, amazing to see all the front pages!!! Congrats EBW :-)

  10. Congrats to all the EBW members! I just realized I'm in one of those pages! Woot! This is what I get for allowing myself to get behind. *sheepish grin*

    And I agree, we need to give SandFibers a BEADED tiara!

  11. very good. hope to see more beadweaving on the front page:)